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Our complete product line is manufactured within a state of the art GMP facility with pharmaceutical grade equipments. We make sure that every single capsule that is in our product is dosed with precision according to the label. The active ingredients are mixed with high quality USP grade microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate. No cheap fillers. No hidden ingredients.

Without going in too much detail, USP grade microcrystalline cellulose is a commonly used excipient in the pharmaceutical industry to make tablets, capsules, sachets and much more. MCC has excellent stabilizing and dissolving properties, thus maximizing the potential for drug bioavailability.

Magnesium stearate is an additive that’s primarily used in medication capsules. It’s considered a “flow agent.” It prevents the individual ingredients in a capsule from sticking to each other and the machine that creates the capsules. It helps improve the consistency and quality control of medication capsules.


There has been a lot of confusion lately regarding potency of liquid and oral (capsule) SARM’s. Here’s the deal, making liquid SARM’s is the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to make SARM’s period. Liquid SARM’s are mostly made with solvent with added artificial flavoring to dissolve the active ingredient as they come in raw powdered form. Androbolics Capsule SARM’s are made with USP excipients and require expensive pharmaceutical equipments to complete the manufacturing process. The bio-availability is the same but overall the oral form is healthier, safer and more user-friendly.


Our SARMs are offered in very large bottle format and are very well dosed. Don’t be mistaken when shopping around, make sure you look at the total active ingredient inside each bottle. Example: A bottle of Ibutamoren contains 90 capsules or 15mg. That is a total 1350mg of active ingredient in a single bottle. Compared to most competitors, you get more for your money.

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